[TWITTER] 120914 Junsu Twitter Update – Part 2

[TRANS]Youngpil-ie hyung this time the football match can’t you just really take a rest..?

(T/N: In response to the rest talking abt how youngfeel should let code07lim be the goalkeeper this time)

[TRANS]For this time let’s just leave it all to Byunghanie hyung….

[TRANS]Junjinah.. you must tell to Youngpil hyung that it’s okay to really take a rest.. His waist is not good..
if gets hurt it will be big problem so… must convey to him to rest^^
(T/N: In response to duduubub saying he also want to go to the open match)

[TRANS]When was that..?Sorry…Can’t seem to recall… really
(T/N: In response to youngfeel asking JS did he forgot how youngfeel saved penalty kick for Samsung match)

[TRANS]Yea!Heard not good.. his waist… have to rest right T_T oh well what to do
(T/N: In response to plmok30 commenting too bad that youngfeel’s waist hurting/not good)

[TRANS]No heard it hurts… On that day Byunghanie hyung will just have to do all uhuh….
(T/N: In response to duduubub saying lately youngfeel hasn’t been complaining on waist pain

[TRANS]That’s right hyung … The things you can’t do because of your waist pain we will wrap it up nicely for you.. do rest…
If we are to win this will be all thanks to hyung…^^
(T/N: In response to Songyoujoong asking youngfeel for the team’s interest can’t youngfeel be in Korea on the match day)

[TRANS]kekekekekekekekekekekekeke don’t do that…….
(T/N: In response to youngfeel saying when gets older there will be waist pain and this will happen to JS too when age catches up. When that often happens PenzalQThankQ!!!)

[TRANS]Anyhow… on that day hyung will be resting^^ Thanks hyung
(T/N: In response to youngfeel saying they should reconcile/make up otherwise they both ended up ‘dead’ and not him alone lol)

[TRANS]Hyung please just put up Youngpil-ie hyung’s name only for the performance^^ I will take responsibility for all
(T/N: In response to Songyoujoong commenting should he removes Youngpil’s name from the overseas match)

Credit : 1215thexiahtic
Translated by : neonoenjena
Shared by : JYJ3




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