[INFO] 120915 JYJ Turkey Team attended “Korea Tourism Organisation Opening” Event

JYJ Turkey managers representatively participated in the opening that was held in The Ritz-Carlton Hotel a few days ago. Administrators of Korea Fans and Korea Lovers Community took place in the event too.



Improvement of tourism between Turkey and Korea is being targeted with this opening.The head of the company Lee Charm reminded the guests how effective Hallyu wave is for developing the relationships between two countries too.


In the beginning of the opening and after VIP list introduction, presenters did not forget about thanking JYJ Turkey and administrators of other two groups for participating in meeting. ( We as JYJ Turkey gratefully appreciate the invitation of Istanbul The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea.)


Meanwhile reporters of one of the notable newspapers of Korea, ” Hankook Ilbo ” interviewed JYJ Turkey and other groups regarding how this interest for Korea started and what kind of way it is drawing for itself.

( A reminder: JYJ happened to be the only Korean music band spoken of in the interview and in this essential event hosting politicians and important businessmen. )

In addition to these,Turkish veterans who laid the basis of the relationship between Korea and Turkey during the years of Korean War took place in the opening too.Worldwide known NANTA SHOW performers filled eyes too in the opening executed with the cooperation of Korean Embassy.


Korean Tourism Organization did not pass over presenting gifts for their guests as well.Esra Öztürk who is one of the managers of JYJ Turkey got a round trip ticket from Asiana Airlines. Many other guests who put their business cards into draw box did not go back home without presents too.

We as JYJ Turkey are delighted and proud to be invited to the opening in behalf of ours and in these days when cultural and trading relationship between Turkey and Korea is aimed even more.We hope to make more contributions as group managers and clubs that play a role in strengthening the bond between two countries more in the future.



Credit: JYJTurkey
Shared by: JYJ3




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