[NEWS] 120909 JYJ Kim Junsu World Tour, 3500 Mexican Girls in Tears… Fainting…


JYJ’s Kim Junsu held a solo concert in Mexico on Thursday for the first time.

The 3,500 Mexican girl fans stood in front of the concert hall and started singing “Cielito Lindo.” This was a song to greet the first Korean singer to have a concert in Mexico, JYJ Kim Junsu.

When the lights turned off and the music video of “Tarantallegra” started playing, the fans held up their glow sticks and red balloons and sang along to the song. When Kim Junsu appeared in a ripped shirt and started singing his song “Breath,” the screams of the fans filled up the stadium. During the part of the concert when Junsu asked for 3 wishes from the audience members, two fans were taken to the emergency room after fainting.


Kim Junsu also sang songs from his musical “Elizabeth.” When he sang the ballad song “Leaf” to end the night, the fans started crying in sadness.

One fan who was interviewed said, “I hope Junsu was able to feel our love. Out of the desire to get closer to him, I eat Korean food and study Korean for 2 hours every day.”

Kim Junsu will continue his world tour through Brazil, Chile, and Europe.



Source : kpopstarz
Shared by : JYJ3




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