[TRANS] 120906 This is how went the Fanmeeting in support of Junsu in Mexico. With a very Mexican flavour, they sang “Cielito lindo” with mariachis


Kpop fans in Mexico are giving their best to show their love and support to Kim Junsu-Xia from JYJ and to Kpop.


Last Wednesday afternoon thousands of fans dressed totally in red gathered in Mexico Park. Members of Junsu and JYJ fan clubs, together with members of other fan clubs, lit the park with balloons, blankets and other objects which show the fervent passion there’s in the Aztec country about Kpop.


The event, besides being an act of love and support to the JYJ member, was a demonstration before Korean media (which were covering the event) of the great quantity of Hallyu fans there are in Mexico.

During the event, the fans brought Mariachis, one of the biggest symbols of music in Mexico in the way the most loved people and big stars are welcomed.

Singing “Cielito” and shouting “Junsu”, Mexican fans have showed that in Latin countries there’s a lot of love towards Koreans and that, no doubt, they are well-received here.


Now fans from Brazil and Chile will have to prepare a big event to keep showing that the distance between Korea and the American continent is just a geographic question.


Credit: Kpopstarz in Spanish
Translated by: Junmoshi of JYJ3
Shared by : JYJ3

Do not alter or remove the credits




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