[INFO] American writer & editor, Miles Fowler talked about his favorite Korean TV Series “Dr. Jin” & “Joseon X-Files” in his personal blog

Excerpt of his statements: 

I seem to favor sci-fi/historical dramas such as “Joseon X-Files” (2010) and “Dr. Jin” (2012). That is unusual right there: there are two shows that combine sci-fi and historical drama.

Speaking of time-travel, my favorite Korean TV series is “Dr. Jin.” I do not know whether “Joseon X-Files” has origins in other media, but “Dr. Jin” (aka, “Time Slip Dr. Jin” or “Dak-teo Jin”) is a Korean version of a Japanese television series called simply “Jin,” (2009-2011) and it, in turn, is based on a Japanese graphic novel (manga) of the same title by Murakami Motoka. So this story has been told and elaborated before. Still, the Korean version is the only one with which I am familiar; so I am understandably partial to it.

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