Jonghyun twitter update on 120903 #2


Since i cant fall asleep, Roo Story Update!


Roo doesnt know that she is a dog. Maybe she is like this because she grew up among humans. There was once when i took her out to Naksun for a walk, she was so shocked when he saw the other dogs there that he fell down. If i took him to a dog cafe, she would climb up my sister’s shoulder and not come down, gazing upon those dogs walking around with the ‘what are those’ look. Recently, after looking into the mirror, she seems to have received a shock knowing that she is a dog.


There is a large mirror in my room, and she would only enter my room if i turn the mirror around. That seems to be how he got to know the world… Roo-ya, you are a dog, not only that, you are a duck-hunting dog with short legs. A Dachshund breed with long hair and a rare dapple pattern.. the shocked you, gain strength on your future path to resolving it

Credit: realjonghyun90

Translation credit: venessa_chun




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