[Trans] 120831 Changmin Wearing Fangift‏ Fanaccount

The bracelet on Changmin when he returned from Japan at Korea’s airport

It’s a small thing that reflect Changmin.
On this day, the sky blue bracelet that Changmin wore on this day, is in fact given by one of my follower during the Shilla Fanmeeting on the 15th of July. The present was given by the daughter. She placed the bracelet into her daughter’s letter and brought it to the fan meeting. It’s not anything pricey nor anything branded. On that day, there were many presents placed on the ‘present counter’, I was thinking, the two of them are so busy, so they should not have the time to see it right… but Changmin took noticed of even such a small present. I was thinking was it because it was by Japanese fan thus it was more obvious and wore it when he returned from Japan. Changmin did not care that it’s not branded and not expensive. Yet another incident that made me felt that Changmin is very kind. It’s really a very good present. Such a gentle colour is very suitable for the gentle Changmin.

source: @umi_638
credit: yueweiran
trans: rachui@sharingyoochun




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