[NEWS] 120829 XIA Junsu Press Conference in New York by JYJ3

A press conference for Kim Jun Su’s Tarantallegra was held in the Hudson Ballroom of the Doubletree on Times Square on August 29. As Kim Yuni began the introduction, Xia unexpectedly emerged from a side door, and Yuni said, “Oh here he is now!” Dressed in a long jacket and narrow pants with a striking black and white shirt, Xia stepped up on the dais and waved as he sat in front of the microphone. Kim Yuni then called for questions from the audience.

For a moment, the interviewers were like deer in headlights, perhaps frozen by Xia’s incredible presence, but then someone asked a question and got the ball rolling. John of KPop Stars Online asked Xia if he had envisioned all this attention when he chose his name. Xia answered that he is surprised and honored by the attention his solo album is receiving.

Another reporter asked what the hardest thing was for an Asian performer to overcome in America. Xia answered that music arises from culture and eastern and western cultures are very different. He wants to succeed in the west without losing his unique eastern style.

Xia was compliented on his presentation and the way he reinvents himself with each new song, and asked from where he draws his inspiration. Xia smiled for the first time during the press conference and said thank you with a charming little bow. He then explained that he gets his inspiration for his image from his musicals, specifically the role of Death in “Elisabeth”.

When asked why he was performing the first concert in New York City, Xia replied that he considers NY the first city of the world and so he wanted to start his world tour here.

After a couple of more questions, Xia came and stood at the front of the dais so everyone could take photos of him. He looked very stylish and cordial as he posed very naturally for the cameras. Everyone thanked him for coming to talk with us, and the press conference was over.

Now looking forward to the concert on Thursday night!

Credit: Holly of JYJ3




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