[NEWS] 120828 Junsu’s World Tour affected by Typhoon “Luckily flight had taken off”


Even though the situation of the Typhoon is very serious, Junsu(XIA) is still able to catch on his flight for his World Tour.

Having finished his concert in Hongkong, Junsu had returned back to Korea immediately after his concert. Then, he should be on his way to New York on 28th morning 09:30am.

CJES said: “Because of the typhoon, we also changed the runway of the plane when returned from Hong Kong yesterday. Today, luckily the plane(to New York) had flew accordingly though we waited anxiously in the airport”

“However, after 30 minutes, the flight of the crews were delayed so did other crew members’ flights whom going to Mexico and Paris. Hence we’re still worried. We’re still hoping and waiting for the situation to turn good despite waiting in airport for 4 hours”.

Manager said: “US schedules start immediately after Asia Tour ended. Hence, (we are) watching the typhoon’s situation. Especially there’s no straight flights to South America, and if we don’t proceed according to plans, it might delay 3 to 4 days’ time. Hence, in any case, (we are) adjusting other new flights”.

Most importantly is Junsu’s physical condition. Manager expressed: ” We are worried if Junsu will be stress because of the natural disaster. For the upcoming world tour, we’ll do our best in taking care of Junsu’s physical conditions.”

Source: Nate
English Credit: Baojaesoul
Shared By:XiahPress + JYJ3




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