[TRANS] 120827 ‘Crown Prince’ Storm Reaches Shanghai, Park Yoochun Thanks Fans For Their Support‏



Korean star Park Yoochun who gained overwhelming popularity in China due to Korean drama ‘Rooftop Prince’, held his personal fan meeting at Shanghai’s Mercedes Benz Cultural Centre on the 25th of August and also started his tour of fan meetings around various Asian cities. This fan meeting can be described perfectly as ‘long awaited’. This warm boy on stage is someone who is familiar to us. However, it holds a special different meaning yesterday. The one on stage is the ‘Cutest Crown Prince’Park Yoochun and it was his first solo visit to China since he successfully transformed into Korea’s top actor and also Chinese fans’ first solo date with their beloved idol. This is their beginning, their new life.

The Glamourous Blue Ocean

Looking at the colour of blue that filled up the place and being there at the crowded venue, the 6000 fans present wore blue Mickey’s ears hair band and waved blue lightsticks. The well organised fan support was overwhelming. It was a mixture of languages from English to Chinese and Japanese, just like a mini united nation. The opening number, “The Space Left For You” excited the fans and the sing-along in Korean touched Yoochun, which made him say ‘Thank you’ in Chinese. The upcoming interaction segment was definitely the reason for the hyperness then. Yoochun and fans impersonated the classic scenes of ‘Rooftop Prince’ which led to screams from the fans off-stage. During the interaction and questions segment with fans, it revealed the sexy humourous and cheerful smartypants side of this big boy, causing a hype and leaving the fans satisfied.


My Love Only Exist For You

A day before the concert, Park Yoochun expressed, “It’s been a long while since I met with Shanghainese fans and I am very happy. I hope to spend a happy time with the fans and to leave a meaningful memory.” In this fan meeting, Park Yoochun brought along his own new identity and all the fans present were shouting just for him. The fan support video by Micky Baidu bar was also shown that day. After watching it, Yoochun said, “I am really thankful to everyone. I did not do anything great yet everyone gave me such a precious gift. I felt sorry to everyone. Really thank you.” Everyone present shouted back, “I Love You Park Yoochun” as a heartwarming response. The last song was ‘Last Song’ of John Park and the strong stanced Crown Prince immediately transformed into a gentle guy singing blues. Yoochun’s deep voice and fans’ blue lightsticks complemented well and the deep wishes and co-agreement between fans and idol reached the highest peak.


It Had Yet To End

Lastly, the humble Park Yoochun expressed that he will work even harder in the future in order to repay fans’ love and support and thanked Chinese fans for the continuous support while hoping them to continue doing so. He also expressed his anticipation for his next fan meeting on the 8th of September at Shenzhen. After the fan meeting had ended, fans remained in their original position and kept screaming, “Park Yoochun don’t go!”, expressing their unwillingness. Just like what the fan meeting’s host had said, “Because of such a hardworking artiste, and such endearing fans, there was a beautiful moment worthy of remembrance.”

Source : joy.online
Translated by :  rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared by : JYJ3





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