[REVIEW/HUMOR] 120828 “Uncommitted” Featured in Simon and Martina’s “Kpop Music Mondays”

YES! Time to give in to our Junsu bias with this week’s Kpop Music Monday on Xia Junsu’s “Uncommitted”! Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out here:

For starters: damn! We totally forgot to mention something in this week’s video. We mentioned it on Twitter before, but not really in a video. Hey guise: know how we’re so often called YG biased? Why’s no one ever calling us Xia biased? Have we ever said anything bad about him? I mean, Ayy Girl was a horribly embarrassing video, but we still loved it, and it became one of our longest running jokes ever. Intoxication we never even reviewed, but you’ve heard our cheesy rendition of it everywhere. I’d say we’ve shown our bias to Junsu more than all of the YG artists combined. We’re very PSY biased as well, FYI: would love to review more of his videos.

Also, I hope people kind of understand us with our English ratings in songs. We’re not trying to make fun of people mispronouncing English. We just don’t like it when labels think that throwing in silly English is a good idea in songs, and we hope that, by bringing it to their attention, they might stop, or at least get someone who’s fluent in the language look it over. Junsu’s “Uncommitted” doesn’t fit in that category, and we wouldn’t feel right poking fun at it, you know? It’s an entirely English song, trying to convey thoughts, emotions, a story. It’s more a North American song than it is a Kpop song, so…I hope that sounds fair, on our behalf.

Otherwise, we forgot to mention a couple of things in our review. For starters, not a fan of the Automatic guy popping up in the song from time to time. We should have had a Mordney Present joke in there: come on Producers! Stop including your names in songs. It’s lame. Except if it’s JYP. That…has become something special. JAY WHY PEE!

Also, we never really discussed the concept of the song. Long story short, from what we understand, the song is basically Junsu’s girlfriend dumping him because Junsu has a history of being unfaithful to women. Kinda lame, if you ask me. Sure, it’s an interesting concept, but the girl’s dumb. SORRY! And we’re not saying that because we’re Junsu biased and she’s stupid for dumping Junsu (WHO WOULD DUMP JUNSU?!?!). We just don’t agree that how you act in your previous relationships dictates how you’ll act in future relationships, and to cut it off is to miss out on a potentially great relationship. One that involves holding hands and spinning around the room! Well, hopefully none of that.

Anyhow, we – with our bias for Junsu and our hatred of ballads – like this song quite a lot, so pick it up on iTunes and YesAsia if you like it as well. And, as always, we’ve got some bloopers, mainly including happy circle dances with animals.

Credit: eatyourkimchi
Shared by : JYJ3




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